An Interview with bestiality pictures Josh, a.k.a. the Lucky Son of a Bitc

Interviewer: Okay. Yep. Are animal sex girls we on? You're sure? Okay. Greetings ladies and gentleman and welcome to the first instalment of our as yet undecided number of interviews, where you, the reader, get to put all those tricky questions to your favourite Party of Five characters

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Today we have Josh here, who, zoophily bestiality you all know, is the star of our little tale, and also a very, very lucky boy. How are you, Josh

fisting lesbians and horse sex Josh: I'm okay

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Interviewer: That's beastality pictures great. Now, you've agreed to answer some questions for your lovely readers today, correct

Josh: I beastiality guess so

zoophilia movies Interviewer: You guess so

Josh: Well, I beastyality don't normally like talking about myself. And I can't imagine why anyone would be interested

Interviewer: Well, that's too bad, because if you don't answer these lesbians with big tits and horse sex questions then Vertigo is going to kick you out of the story so fast it'll make your eyes roll

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"I can't animal sex sleep neither babe," Alice added as she let out a sigh We began talking about some of our holidays in hotter climates and how we managed to stay cool. But soon, the conversation turned again to sex.

animal hybrid crosses pictures animal sex "So what if we get to the beach tomorrow and Jeff strips down to a skimpy g-string with his giant cock bulging, trying to escape?" I teased. "Well, perhaps I'll just have to cut the string and let it fall free," Alice laughed.

Josh: Er ... okay dog porn then

Interviewer: beast taboo forum Great! Now, let's begin, shall we

Josh: sexo con animales Wait..

Interviewer: [sighs] What is it horse sex with women now

Josh: I'm just horse sex avi curious. Who exactly are you

Interviewer: Me? I'm animalsex pics the interviewer, of course sucking horse penis amatuer beastiality

Josh: But who are you. I've never seen you before. beast forum In fact, I can't even see you now

Interviewer: Well, I'm sort of a figment, really. dog bestiality A sprite, if you will beastiality thumbnail

Josh: women dog sex A sprite

Interviewer: Yes! Now, can we pictures of sex with animals get on with it woman dog sex horse sex women

animals having sex with people Josh: Sure

Interviewer: Good. Now, to warm things up beastiality sample movies – as opposed to heating them up – we have a few basic questions here from pendror, the first of which is: What is your favourite movie dog sex animal movies bestiality thumbnails

Josh: Favourite horse sex thumbnails movie? Ummm ... Terminator 2

Interviewer: [dubioursly] Terminator sample bestiality movies 2 beastiality thumbnails dog sex animal movies

Josh: [warily] beastality gallery Yea

Interviewer: Out of all the movies you've ever animal sex videos raw incest seen, you like the one with cardboard Austrian in it women and dog sex animalsex videos

Josh: Hey, he was good in that beast videos movie

Interviewer: As good as, say, sample beastiality movie Tom Hanks in Forest Gump, or Denzel Washington in Training Day, to name a few movies you might be familiar with horse sex mpegs dogsex movies

Josh: lesbain sex dog Those movies are boring

Interviewer: I see you're not one horse beastality for good acting then

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Josh: dogs fucking women pussys [frowns

Interviewer: Moving on. Pendror also wishes to know what sort of girl having sex animal music you enjoy listening to

Josh: Uh ... I like dance music. You know, the unsencored animal porn kind you'd listen to in a nightclub if you were cool enough to go to a night-club. And I used to like all that broody rock music, because, well ... I was a teenager

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Interviewer: But you don't like that dog fucking sort of music anymore

Josh: Well, not as much. I don't have that much to bestiality pictures be depressed about now

Interviewer: You certainly don't. Now, Josh, supposing beastiality sex you became the proud winner of $1000, what would you be likely to spend it on